Solar photovoltaic (solar pv)

We believe that solar shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for everyone. Our solutions are designed to be simple, easy to understand, with no hidden costs or additions. We provide a fantastic service, which is what's important to homeowners, and always at a fair price. We'll help you understand the best solution so that it will be easy to a make simple and informed choice.

Benefits of solar PV

Innovations for future generation

Energy bill savings and future proofing by generating your own electricity and hot water.

If your system is producing more electricity then you need or use, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.

VAT on a system is 5%. Cut your carbon footprint.

Store surplus energy with a battery storage system and use the electricity at night.


Using your energy in four ways

First, reducing your daytime energy costs with using electricity that you are generating from your solar panels.

Second, turn the surplus electricity into hot water within your existing hot water cylinder.

Thirdly, store daytime electricity from your solar panels into batteries and use the energy when the sun goes down.

Finally charge your electric vehicle with your free green energy.


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