Honeywell Evohome Lymington, Hampshire, New Forest

Honeywell Evohome

Evohome means you’re always in charge of your home heating system — wherever you are!
At its heart is the Evohome controller, your simple to use control panel that lets you set the temperature in every room in your home – from anywhere in your home!

Honeywell Evohome Lymington, Hampshire, New Forest

  • Zoning

    Set the temperature in any room in your home, schedule your heating to come on and off, and control your hot water

  • Mobile

    Evohome lets you control your heating via your smartphone or tablet for complete effieciency and comfort

  • Comfort

    Evohome lets you simply and effectivly have more control, room by room

  • Control

    You can create your own heating schedule that reflects your lifestyle and the way you use your home. You can create zones in your home that you can control as one area

Honeywell Evohome controller and radiator valveHoneywell Evhome app shown on a smart phone
Really zoning for any heating system

Savings & Efficiency

82% of energy consumed in the home is used by heating and hot water. Reducing your heating bills by controlling your heating room by room for more control, confort and efficiency. Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat controls to Evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home.

Control your system wherever you are!

Honeywell Evohome

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Honeywell Evohome controller or hub

Evohome allows the installation of multiple temperature sensing devices around the property without altering existing pipework, disrupting décor or damaging fixtures and fittings.Evohome means you’re always in charge of your home heating system – where ever you are!

Honeywell Evohome Lymington, Hampshire, New Forest

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