Underfloor Heating Lymington

Underfloor Heating Lymington, Hampshire, Dorset and New Forest

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Unlike radiators, which work by heat convection where air is circulated and heated by high local temperature, underfloor heating works by producing even radiant heat which emits from the floor and warms the room from the ground up. With radiant heat, comfort tends to be felt sooner and at a lower temperature. There is minimal air flow keeping the temperature comfortable and even, everywhere in the room.

There are 2 types of systems available: electric and warm water based underfloor heating. The former utilises electricity to heat a very thin wire and the latter warm water which circulates in the heating pipe.

The suitability of each system depends on your project and preference. The electric system may be better for small areas such as bathrooms and renovations as it doesn’t raise floor levels. Wet systems are ideal for larger areas or with new builds as they are fitted into the structural sub-floor.

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