Check your chimney

Check your chimney and relatives chimney

Check your chimney for safety and for Santa 🎅🏽

Fireplaces are busy at this time of year — with Santa’s imminent arrival down the chimney. And we all know that the hearth provides the perfect setting for story-telling, snoozing and generally recovering from the season’s excesses.

But, how often do you check your chimney is in good nick? Never mind Santa and the delivery of goodies. Your fireplace could be a hazard — and the problems are hidden from view.

You need to protect against blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down-draught and tar build-up.

When did you last have the flue swept? Has it been tested for smoke integrity to ensure that no cracks or faults have developed? Are dangerous gases able to escape?

If you have a gas-flame effect fire or an occasional solid-fuel fire, you should have your fire and chimney serviced once a year.

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