Smart Heating Controls Lymington, Hampshire, Dorset & New Forest

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Smart Heating Controls Lymington

2017 the year of Smart Heating Controls Lymington

Last year highlighted the huge impact consumer awareness can have on the demand for heating controls. Through connected technology made a lot of noise in the media, it’s still only a relatively small proportion of current home owners who currently want internet connectivity to be at the heart of their appliances.

There’s no denying that connected controls achieve great results and are the way technology is going although there is still some catching up to do. With 6.5 million homes in the UK still without an efficient thermostat, it’s clear we need to focus on making energy efficient and intelligent functionality accessible for every homeowner.

We at Barry Frampton Ltd can offer a variety of Smart Heating Controls Lymington, whether it’s an entry-level smart control, an all singing all dancing, multi-zone control, or a programmable thermostat,¬†we have the necessary skills and expertise. We offer advice and can fit the specific control that the homeowner requires.

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