You’re in a Hard Water Area

Mish FramptonNews, Plumbing News

Hard Water Area Tap in front of sunset

Did you know we are living in a hard water area?

Our area is over 200ppm. Building regulations state that where water hardness exceeds 200ppm, water should be treated to prevent limescale from reducing heating efficiency.

Problems caused by Hard Water.

Limescale – Limescale damages and reduces the lifespan of appliances. The scale blocks pipes, and clogs up the boiler increasing your gas bills. Limescale is also left on shower screens, taps and kitchen surfaces.

Scum – You can see scum floating in tea and dirty rings to scrub off your bath. It clings to hair and can worsen dry skin conditions.

A water softener would eliminate limescale from the home. It is fitted directly to the mains water supply. It contains resin beads which trap the minerals, which are then flushed down the drain.